“Billy” Eduard A. Meier had his first contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial Sfath from Erra, from 1942 to 1953. Following contacts – from 1953 to 1964 – with Asket from a twin universe known as the DAL Universe. Thereafter, Billy held contacts with the Plejaren Semjase from 1975 until 1984 when she had an accident. Since then, Billy has maintained contacts with a variety of Plejaren but most frequently with Ptaah and Quetzal.

Since 1975 and until March 22, 2017, there have been 1768 personal and 1354 telepathic contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials and members of their Federation. The contacts are still on-going. 682 contacts are documented and available as Contact Reports which can be viewed here.

The Plejaren and their confederates are human beings with physical bodies and look very much like the people on Earth, with the exception of some minor anatomical differences, especially regarding the confederates. They live for 1,000 years, approximately. Their home planet — somewhat smaller than Earth — is called Erra. Its population is about 500 million people, while the entire federation has a population of 120 billion. The Plejaren are not identical with the Pleiades we can see on the night sky. They are 80 light-years beyond the Pleiades in another space and time constellation (= in another dimension). The Plejarens’ consciousness (“spirit”) and technology are much higher developed/advanced than here on Earth. The Plejaren and the people on Earth have the same ancestors, but have developed separately.

In addition to the Contact Notes, there are hundreds of clear, daytime photos of beamships, several video recordings, metal samples and sound recordings.

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