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Welcome to our interest group website. We are a diverse group of individuals who meet monthly in Luton and share a keen interest in the writings of Billy Eduard Albert Meier and his on-going contacts with an extra-terrestrial race, known as the Plejaren. The group is open to anyone who has an interest in the Billy Meier UFO case and information disseminated by FIGU in Switzerland. As a group, we strive to learn from each other, study together for our individual and collective development and promote the FIGU mission in England.


Urgent Appeal!

Dear all,

The Plejaren Committee (“Gremium”), which is responsible for FIGU and especially the Core Group of 49 at the Semjase Silver Star Center, has addressed in detail the foreseeable and farther future and has concluded that it is of the utmost importance, that all FIGU members – those within Landes-, Studien- and Interessengruppen, or outside – shall be active both on the internet and other media. The focus shall mainly be on peace, overpopulation and the spiritual teaching in general. It has been proposed to not just focus on spreading the respective stickers that you receive as a PDF together with this appeal, but that you also write articles and posts in social media, newspapers, journals, etc., or by placing flyers, etc. into letterboxes, etc. The intention is to at least somewhat alleviate the coming threatening events by sharing FIGU material as often and as widely as possible. It is recommended that you yourselves, produce and spread the stickers in your native language and in your own country. Those who are familiar with Adobe Illustrator may order the original files from FIGU SSSC, to easily exchange the text. It is also possible to send us your translations and then receive the changed sticker as a PDF in return.

Thank you very much!
Core Group of 49


PS: You can also download the corrected flyer “Spreading the Correct Peace Symbol” as a PDF here.


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