Important Message! Proclamation of the Plejaren Committee.


Our interest group meets every second Saturday of the month in either Luton or London. The meeting venue is located approximately 15 minutes’ walk from the train station. If you would like to attend, simply get in touch with us via the Contact form on the website. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours.

Put simply, the objectives of our group are:

  • To further our own personal knowledge and understanding of the FIGU mission and spiritual teaching
  • To disseminate the information concerning the FIGU mission and spiritual teaching in England via monthly meetings, information stands, website, newsletters, booklets and lectures
  • To provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals to meet, share and discuss all aspects of the FIGU mission and spiritual teaching

Watch our short video here

Meeting Up

Our meeting starts at 13.00 so it is advised to arrive 15 minutes or so beforehand for introductions and to settle in the room. Between 13.00 to 15.00 we discuss our planned forward group activities and these include: organisation of information stands, production of booklets, writings, articles, newsletters, website development to name just a few. A short group meditation is undertaken between 15.00 and 15.30 at each meeting. This is not mandatory so attendees can step out for a short break, if they do not wish to participate in the meditation.  Between 15.30 -17.30, we examine and discuss the spiritual teaching. This involves group reading, discussions, sharing of views and personal responses to Billy’s books on the spiritual teaching. Again, no-one is forced to take part in any aspect of the meeting if they do not feel comfortable in doing so.

​Anyone with an honest interest in the FIGU material can attend our meeting. Simply contact us if you would like any more information, have any questions or would like to attend a meeting.