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  1. Slowly, slowly, the media corporations, newspapers, broadcasters and journalists awake, and the truth pierces into their inner-eye like a beam of light, only to further expand and expand until it becomes a blinding ray.

    In time….

    None the less, the information here is great and should be considered great by everyone.

    A future of peace, love, prosperity and high development, whereby all great accomplishments and dreams can be realized, yet only in a world with the correct population level.

    Consider the space, freedom, available resources, time, harmony, the expansiveness of the landscapes and so forth, that would become available to all in a world with a population of 500,000,000 to 600,000,000 human beings.

    The process of depopulation, enacted in accordance with the creational logic, would be slow and completely humane and painless, and achieved through the periodic ‘on-off’ birth stop procedure, as explained in the Figu publication ‘A Crusade Against Overpopulation’.

    Whereby, over the decades and centuries we would finally arrive at the necessary population average.

    Consider and consider this, and most especially create the dream scenario in your mind, whereby the true peace, sereneness, beauty, and exaltedness of such a world can become reality, through a single decision to reduce the population over time.


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