Important Message! Proclamation of the Plejaren Committee.

Latest Research Results on Corona Vaccinations

Billy … You said that you had something very important to report and that it was not only a concern for us in the KG, but also for the FIGU passive members and even for the whole of humanity.

Excerpt from the 798th contact of Saturday, 2nd of April 2022 – Click here to read more.

False Information Regarding Corona

Billy … Someone asked me whether melatonin could be used as a prophylaxis or as a treatment for the rampantly spreading corona disease, which I of course negated according to what I know. But can you, as a medical doctor, explain what this is actually suitable for and what it is good for?

Excerpt from the 793rd contact of Wednesday, 16th of February 2022 – Click here to read more.

Behaviour with Regard to Corona

Zafenatpaneach Then, if you do not mind, my friend, I would like to ask you how you at the FIGU are behaving at present in the face of the rampantly spreading disease that is spreading more and more on Earth? At the moment, nothing is being announced to us because Ptaah is away for a lengthy period of time and no information is being spread by him to us. But we are wondering about how you are behaving with regard to everything, because we know that the rampantly spreading disease is spreading rapidly all over the planet.

Excerpt from the 790th contact of Tuesday, 4th of January 2022 – Click here to read more.

Useful Masks Against Corona

Billy … with regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease, I would like to point out that the earthlings mostly wear only everyday mouth-nose masks, which, however, do not fulfil the purpose that is necessary to guarantee protection. Because unsuitable masks are worn against viral infection and other aggressive pathogens – as Ptaah explained – a large number of infections result, such as from the corona virus. He explained – in addition to a special leaflet from the German ‘Institute IFA’ – the following:

Excerpt from the 789th contact from Tuesday, 28th of December, 2021 – Click here to read more.

About the Spread of the New Corona Variant

Billy Let’s leave that, because we have other things to talk about. Contra to the fact that you were upset – which has obviously subsided because you haven’t said anything since then – I assume that with you everything is fine and subsided again, so that one can talk to you about the Corona topic again. Thus it happens, for example, that as a result of the rampantly spreading corona disease, governments in various countries are now ‘wondering’ regarding a compulsory vaccination that would be decreed by the government for all inhabitants of the country. This, however, contradicts the inviolability of the body; however, certain rulers do not care about it, because in their unintellect they do not know what to do – as usual. What is your opinion on this?

Excerpt from the 788th contact from Tuesday, 14th December 2021 – Click here to read more.

Low Intelligentum with Regard to Corona

Ptaah … I am concerned about the well-being of the human beings of Earth and, moreover, I cannot logically follow such low intelligentum on the part of national leaders who act so inconsiderately that through their fault the female and male charges of the nation suffer harm to their health or lose their lives. It is incomprehensible to me that the peoples are of such low intelligentum – thus are non-thinking – that they are of even lower intelligentum than the national leaders, all of whom fly different flags.

Excerpt from the 787th contact of Sunday, 28th of November 2021 – Click here to read more.

What the Value of the Present Vaccines is

Bermunda … It was unavoidable, but I was really indispensable. This is because, as an expert, I had to engage in depth in the research on the exact effects of the untried and dangerous, sometimes even life-endangering vaccines around the corona virus and the occurrences surrounding them, which really do bring forth unpleasant results on the whole. All this is much more extensive than it generally seems to be, for it actually comprises much more than just that which is being incompletely and fraudulently ‘explained’ to earthly humanity.

Excerpt from the 785th contact of Tuesday, 16th of November 2021 – Click here to read more.

Restrictions Against the Unvaccinated

Billy At least, this is not part of the human being’s thinking – if anything is thought about at all and if everything is not simply passed off superficially, which is actually common practice for the so-called everyday Earthling. This brings me straight to that which actually moves the world, namely the rampantly spreading corona disease. Within your circle, you have obviously talked about what will happen with regard to what is now being practised by Austria towards the unvaccinated, that those in government have imposed a lockdown on their people, which I personally find an unparalleled disgrace.

Excerpt from the 784th contact of Tuesday, 16th of November 2021 – Click here to read more.