Important Message! Proclamation of the Plejaren Committee.

About the Spread of the New Corona Variant

Billy Let’s leave that, because we have other things to talk about. Contra to the fact that you were upset – which has obviously subsided because you haven’t said anything since then – I assume that with you everything is fine and subsided again, so that one can talk to you about the Corona topic again. Thus it happens, for example, that as a result of the rampantly spreading corona disease, governments in various countries are now ‘wondering’ regarding a compulsory vaccination that would be decreed by the government for all inhabitants of the country. This, however, contradicts the inviolability of the body; however, certain rulers do not care about it, because in their unintellect they do not know what to do – as usual. What is your opinion on this?

Excerpt from the 788th contact from Tuesday, 14th December 2021 – Click here to read more.

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