Important Message! Proclamation of the Plejaren Committee.

What there is to explain about Corona Vaccinations

Billy … but now we should discuss something regarding the rampantly spreading corona disease, and it is because of that which we have talked about together with regard to the vaccination against the rampantly spreading corona disease. However, about this you have said that the whole thing must not be mentioned with regard to sneaky machinations of certain vaccine manufacturers, which is clear and which Sfath, your father, had already said, about which I think there should at least be another word said once more, such as the prolonged suffering, the incidence of lethal blood clots in blood vessels of the brain, and so on, and in which case you particularly mentioned … in this regard. We should also talk about … one more time. Also about … and the late effects and the fatalities as well as the blood clots that occur due to certain vaccines, such as vaccinations with the agents …, … and … There is also more to say about the fact that new infections nevertheless occur after certain vaccinations …

Excerpt from the 767th contact of Saturday, 27th of February 2021 – Click here to find out.

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