Important Message! Proclamation of the Plejaren Committee.

Additional Information on Corona Vaccinations

Billy … these probably speak for themselves about what is being withheld from the public with regard to the vaccination against the rampantly spreading corona disease. Vaccines, the substance of which is only being secretly tested on the world population, which has no knowledge of the fact that the stuff is only being tested and is only in a new testing phase and is therefore worthless or partially worthless. First, many people fall victim to this time and again, and second, vaccinated people suffer from long-term damage to their health, which can last a lifetime. And third, there are impulse depositions that can again and again lead to illnesses and to reactions that are harmful to health and also life-threatening. And the fact that such impulse depositions occur in this rampantly spreading disease is completely unknown to earthly virologists and to the entire scientific community, because they have never had to deal with such effects in a virus. Then the fourth point to be mentioned is that vaccinations, that is to say their substances, are useless against it, because despite the vaccination the persons remain infectious and can therefore infect the next person. Then in the fifth place it must be mentioned that the antibodies resulting from the vaccination dissipate already after 3 to 4 months – at the latest, however, after 8 to 10 months – consequently a subsequent vaccination, and then again and all over again and again a vaccination is necessary, as already explained by Sfath in 1947. He explained at the time – and this was also confirmed by Ptaah – that this rampantly spreading disease, which was artificially created in China – namely in the mid-1970s through the efforts of a hateful American – had the characteristic of settling impulses within the human organism which, on the one hand, were capable of ensuring that the rampantly spreading disease remained contagious despite vaccination and could therefore continue to spread, at least for a certain period of time. This was already explained by Sfath, which Ptaah also confirmed.

Excerpts from the 772nd contact of Friday, 30th July 2021 – Click here to find out.

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