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New, Still Undiscovered Corona Mutant in England

Billy … The governors themselves act completely confused and do not know what to do in this and that situation, also not regarding the rampantly spreading corona disease, which claims more lives than they really know. Also that the false digital vaccination passports and other proofs of vaccination are already in circulation in the millions, of which only some hundreds or thousands are recognised as fakes, is only a drop on the so-called ‘hot stone’, which already exists in this relation and lets the ‘experts’ live in euphoria and hope that their ‘G’-nonsense (In some German speaking countries, there are G-rules: ‘2G’ means that a person has to be ‘Geimpft’ (= vaccinated) or ‘Genesen’ (= recovered from Covid), ‘3G’ means a person has to be ‘Geimpft’, ‘Genesen’ or ‘Getestet’ (= negative Covid test) for admittance into restaurants or other venues.) is effective. The fact that the true situation is the exact opposite to that which the rulers and ‘experts’ intend with their people-dumbing down and people-terrorising dictatorial measures, does not trigger correct and healthy thoughts in the peoples, nor a clear and firm willingness to do the right thing, rather only unwillingness, hatred and trouble-making. They act and determine just as wrongly as they did at the beginning of the rampantly spreading corona disease, consequently the epidemic at that time was able to get badly out of control and turn into a pandemic and claimed millions of dead, which will still go on. In fact, it is not yet recognised that a new mutation of the rampantly spreading disease is already striking again – especially in England – which will claim its victims and continue to spread throughout the world.

Excerpt from the 780th contact of Saturday, 9th of October, 2021 – Click here to read more.

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